Unwanted video Kit

We are always on the look out for used audio/video kit that can help us in what we do. Computer hardware and software are always welcome. Working with our volunteers is always a challenge so its great if we can enough kit to go around.

Camera lens

We are a bit limited for space so if you think you might have something that could help, please email justin@create4mentalhealth.com Anything you can spare no matter how big or small will be greatly received.

Digital sound desk

Huge thank you for all those people who have donated kit so far, we could not have got this far without you.

Cheap and Cheerful

It’s great to spend time in nature … enjoying the sights and sounds of wildlife, but sometimes it can be a little expensive. So we went looking for a cheap way to enjoy nature in your own back yard.

Wilko Bird feeder

Bird feeder … cheap (sorry about the pun) easy and maintenance free. We got ours from Wilko … feeder was £1.25 and the food was £1.00, And the best bit is … birds actually like it.

Birds enjoying our new bird feeder

To be honest we have tried bird food before and well we didn’t have much success. With the ‘fat balls’ … horrible phrase i know. its been a breeze.

Crow enjoying free food

All kinds of birds … some probably too big for the feeder … no idea how they manage. But its fun to watch them try.

A message from Frank Turner – by Justin

Frank Turner visited Kingston (again) back in May 2018 for a Banquet records show, We all were a little worried, at the time his mate Scott Hutchison – Frightened Rabbit’s front man was missing. The band had posted this earlier in the week

“We are worried about Scott, who has been missing for a little while now. He may be in a fragile state and may not be making the best decisions for himself right now.”

I can’t imagine what was going though Frank Turners head at the time, but he soldiered on, determined to give the audience what they had turned up for. We had asked if he would say a few words on camera about mental health but under the circumstances we didn’t push it. But Frank being Frank finished his sound check and strolled over and introduced himself.

Here is his interview .. full of kindness, hope and understanding.
A truly great guy, and a wonderful musician, such compassion for music, music fans, and for people who struggle.

He played his heart out during the gig, most unaware of his personal struggle at the time.

Scott’s body was discovered a few days after our interview, he had tragically taken his own life.

Tiny Changes was set up by his friends and family to help support other young people who find it tough sometimes.

Frank Turner – Little Changes

Little Changes … filmed by our amazing volunteers. lets hope we can film more shows very soon.

Grounding Techniques – By Kevin Argent

Hello my name is Kevin… I suffer with a mental illness… please don’t be scared of me I’m not crazy I’m just a little off balance sometimes… if I go quiet don’t worry I’m not going to jump, If I’m manic then just laugh at my jokes.

My poor folks where so worried about me the other day and my mum was scared that I was going to go the way of Robin Williams because she said I was manic and up and down but I use my #groundingtechniques and I take a deep breath before I leave the house and try my hardest to go forward.

I promise I’ll never lash out or get physical I just take a step back and collect my thoughts – I sometimes take a day or so to reply or a few hours but please don’t take this as me being a rude it’s because I care about my response and i also have to slow down my brain and my eyes – this isn’t fun not one F**king bit and most of this is brought upon by my own doings.

But I’m also learning and I’m getting better – I promise… Positive mental health is the answer… But I also wouldn’t half mind a farm somewhere out there I think that’s be nice 😃
If you didn’t think I was mental already then you’ll definitely think it now.

Every day before I leave my room I ground using the 5 rules of and it works – well most of the time l, sometimes my brain is going too fast I feel like a child and not a 40 year old man (well ManBoi ha!)

5 things you can see, around you, it can be literally anything you can see.

4 things you can touch, feeling the ground beneath your feet is a good one to start with.

3 things you can hear, id love to say bird somg but more often than not its next doors washing machine

2 things you can smell, the shampoo you use, or the hand sanitiser you have.

1 thing you can taste, what taste is in your mouth right now?

There are no right answers to any of this of course and there are lots of different grounding techniques you can try. Found a few here that might help Click link

You can follow my journey on my instagram Kevin Argent

Production tools

For us, making films that look great is important, to put strong images together with a strong message to help people who aren’t having a great day. We use a few production techniques to get the most out of what we film. Some of which are free to use, which is amazing .

One of our favourites is Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve 17

Loads to learn, easy to use and there is a free version. Giving everyone the chance to make good video look great. Editing, graphics and colour correction all in one.

We do use other products of course, Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools and Adobe of course.
There are free versions of Media composer and Pro tools available.

Correcting colour and adding snow

Keep creating and keep supporting each other. Happy filming

Don’t give up – by Justin

It can be tough sometimes to keep striving for your goals, even simply things can feel daunting. Don’t loose heart, looking at solutions rather than the problem is a great way to keep moving, even if sometime it feels like its going sidewise.

It can be frustrating when what we think will happen and what actually happens are different. This happened to us a few weeks ago.

We had the idea to film squirrels in Kington upon Thames, with a tiny shopping trolley we had. This is how we imagined it …

What we thought it would actually look like

And the reality of turning up with food in a beautiful church yard.

… And here is the reality

Who knew that pigeons bossed around squirrels and enjoyed eating peanuts? But we tried, failed, and tried again. Half a bag of peanuts later it finally happened. So excited that it had happened, and proud that we had stuck at it. would have been easy to give up but we didn’t.

Of course we know that feeding squirrels isn’t actually that important, But challenges we all face each day are. So keep trying, keep throwing your own peanuts around until you make a break through. It can take time and be frustrating but it’s well worth it in the end.

We finally got the cute video clip we were after

Making Art- by Dorota

When I engage in art making I relax. I enter my happy place where I can stay for hours without realising the time passing. You can try to. You do not need to have any artistic talent to benefit from creative activities.

The process of making is enough to offer some healing and tranquillity. You do not need to even create any masterpiece or anything at all, you can just simply play with patterns, colours or just doodle.

Mental Health in Pictures – available on Amazon

You can also keep it to yourself, you do not need to show it to the world. I personally have an art journal, a sketchbook, where I just try things out, doodle, make a note of a motivational quote and decorate a page with it and treat it as a form of diary which I engage with at least for 10-15 min. a day. You can have a diary like that too.

I have also participated in making a short video about my art with fellow champions from Time to Change Greenwich Hub, to show how art may start a meaningful conversation about mental health.

The film is now available on YouTube

Zine in Kingston by Dorota

My name is Dorota Chioma, and I am a self-taught artist based in London, who explores the varying states concerning the mind and mental health. I am also an active Time to Change Champion, who created the Venusian Guide to Kingston – Mental Health Zine as a project for TTC Kingston Hub. 

I have created this publication as I believe that amazing stories of advocacy about mental health and attempts to break the stigma around this topic, need to be shared. 

There is so much happening across the U.K. on this particular battle field and there are amazing people, heroes, who are making a change for better.

Painting of a dancer
Devotion by Dorota Chioma

There is so much bad news around us which overshadow the aspects of kindness, resilience in fighting against all odds, bravery in sharing own stories of hardship in order to help others feel that they are not alone. Particularly in the resent, challenging circumstances of the pandemic and lockdown, which took and still take its toll on our mental well-being, I wanted to explore and showcase some of amazing services which are still available in one way or the other.

This publication explores the town of Kingston from many different perspectives and brings to light some amazing people and services who support mental health in their community. 

It has been a big project and I would not be able to pull it together without a collective effort of many wonderful people, especially in such a tight time scale in which it had to be completed. 

Although Zine exceeded my expectations in terms of the work involved, it has been an absolute pleasure writing and I will forever cherish meeting people who do so much for others. 

This project has brought back my faith in humanity.

Click here to download Time to Change Kingston Zine

Jamie Cullum

We had an amazing day filming the hugely talented Jamie Cullum for our dear friends at Banquet Records, The show was to celebrate the release of His new album ‘The Pianoman At Christmas’ Jamie returned to Kingston for a couple of social distanced shows at The Rose Theatre. Pick up the album from Banquet Records here

Jamie Cullum – Hang your lights

Our Message to all this Christmas

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. It’s ok to struggle and feel lonely, we all do sometimes.

Together we can make a difference. Reach out to the people in your life, so we all feel appreciated this Christmas. If you are finding it tough and want to speak to someone, you can find loads of free help on our help page