Our cameras were stolen

We have had a tough week, as you know we make positive mental health films to help and support young people who struggle; signposting other charities who can offer more help.

So far we have reached over 60,000 people, offering everyday help and advice to those who are struggling.

Our story

Last week we hit a roadblock,

Sadly … 2 of our production cameras, monitors, microphones and cases were stolen from us … We have worked so hard to get where we are, and it feels like it’s all been taken from us … We are heartbroken.

But we won’t give up

We want to get back to where we were before the theft happened. So we can continue to help people who are finding things tough and continue making engaging and supportive films, to reach those people who need our help.

So please help us

Help us to help thousands who struggle every day. Anything you can donate would be amazing. This is our gofundme page …. or donate here

It means so much to us here and we thank you for reading.

All the money raised will go to our charity

Every donation will help us rebuild what has been taken from us and will get us back filming, creating and supporting young people everywhere.

Please follow us on our social media @create4mh every like and follow helps us keep believing.

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