Kingston Carnival 2019

2020 marks 20 years since the start of Kingston carnival, hosted by Kingston Race Equality Council here in Kingston upon Thames.

Kingston Carnival was set up by KREC an amazing organisation that “work towards the elimination of racial discrimination and associated inequalities. Promote equality of opportunity and good relations between persons of different racial groups. To address the Human Rights and needs of all communities”
Its organisations such as these that we at create4mentalhealth are honoured to be involved with, helping and supporting each other to achieve goals that support individuals everywhere.

Let us help Becky 💛

Becky has some simple advice for people everywhere …. Lets keep everyone safe so lives can get back to normal soon

This is Becky …. Animation by the amazing @violawangstudio. This animation is as relevant now as it was back in March when we made it. A few simple rules that we all need to follow.

Trying something different

After having one of those tricky weeks that we have all had, we needed to get some our mojo back. So we thought we would try something a bit different, something that we have not done since school. We messaged our friends @banquetrecords, grabbed some wooden pallets and hatched a plan.

We thought it would be a great idea to make a seating area in the garden. Something that was free and looked cool. We honestly had no idea what we were doing, but that’s the point. That’s why we did it. It was important that we tried to do something as a team that we could be proud of and more importantly learn something new. (learning what not to do mostly)

It was great to know that what ever happened was a bonus, the wood was free, the tools had been borrowed … you will be amazed how many friends have power tools.Knowing we could make a total mess of everything and still enjoy the experience.We of course made sure we were safe, socially distanced and did our best to not annoy the neighbours.

No matter how big or small your idea is … to just do it. What ever you feel like doing: make, mend, customise, glue, paint, glitter.  What’s the worst that can happen?
If we messed up (and we did loads) … well ok, they were just pallets we got for free. We can always get another pallet and start again.
Don’t let the challenge itself hold you back. There were times when we wish we hadn’t started, or chosen something a bit more simple but the sense of achievement was and still is a with us.   

And for those people who make pallets … you guys do an amazing job. So well put together, and so difficult to get apart.