Christmas 2023

Christmas time … eek right? Tough time for many of us, missing mates, missing family, feeling a bit useless. Talking helps loads … cos i know i’m not the only one who struggles at Christmas. Sharing how you feel with a mate really does help, You need to find the right mate of course cos some people just don’t get it.

Christmas 2023

Made this film because we wanted people to reach out to one another … cos not everyone loves christmas … There is a loads of us who find it all a bit much, the stress and anxiety
Im sure we all have mates who struggle this time of year … i know i pretend it’s all fine and great but deep down i wanna hide away.

I guess this film is aimed at the people who love christmas …. encourage them to spare a thought for those people like me who don’t love christmas. Cos im sure like you we all need to feel wanted sometimes. all want to know that we aren’t alone even though it feels that way,

Share the feels … message a mate if you are finding it hard to cope or maybe you have a mate whos not engaging much at the moment, message them, see how they are doing.

Wishing you all a better christmas this year