Bad day?

Ever have those days where everything seems to go wrong? feeling like its a conspiracy against you? Trust me you aint the only one, pretty regular here i must admit.

Taking a break is the way forward … even if you are stressing over a deadline and feel you can’t manage. Getting away from it gives you a chance to get a bit more focused … taking a walk is a great first step.

Message a mate … cos we all have those days and to have a bit of a rant is good for the soul.

Its weird … so when randomly we get that good mood day … and something bad happens … we laugh it off … mutter FFS and a smile. So try and keep that in mind when things are going a bit wrong. try and remember that you dealt with this shit yesterday and it was fine.

And … well i didn’t break my Mum’s vase … there are things we sacrifice for art … but that aint one of them. And yes i did glue it back together again, it sits proudly next to my TV, as a reminder that most things can be fixed.

Building Confidence

Tough thing to do … i know but we have been getting advice from experts to work out how we can start to feel a bit more confident

Short film about posture

Building confidence – Posture

Love that track … So what do we do first ?

Stand up straight
Sounds sort of easy … and it is when you are in a fab mood. But when you’re feeling a bit down and things aren’t going great … it’s tricky. But it’s worth persevering cos it helps you feel instantly better … better breathing too.

Legs apart
Superhero stance. don’t go too gymnastics on this bit … be more superman less Clark Kent and i don’t mean take off your glasses.

Head up
Also good for breathing … it’s easy to stare at the floor somedays … try looking above people’s heads … some people call it looking at chimneys … not that there are any chimneys round are way but still.

Chest out
This is my favourite … cos everytime i remember to do it … i instantly feel more confident.
Combined with a big deep breath … works wonders.

Close your eyes
This is about being centred (stupid phrase i know) Taking a pause and remembering who you are and that you are great. think of all those things you are good at.

Take the world by storm
You can do it, save the video so you can remind yourself of the simple rules … so go kick some ass.