Bad day?

Ever have those days where everything seems to go wrong? feeling like its a conspiracy against you? Trust me you aint the only one, pretty regular here i must admit.

Taking a break is the way forward … even if you are stressing over a deadline and feel you can’t manage. Getting away from it gives you a chance to get a bit more focused … taking a walk is a great first step.

Message a mate … cos we all have those days and to have a bit of a rant is good for the soul.

Its weird … so when randomly we get that good mood day … and something bad happens … we laugh it off … mutter FFS and a smile. So try and keep that in mind when things are going a bit wrong. try and remember that you dealt with this shit yesterday and it was fine.

And … well i didn’t break my Mum’s vase … there are things we sacrifice for art … but that aint one of them. And yes i did glue it back together again, it sits proudly next to my TV, as a reminder that most things can be fixed.

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