Bad day?

Ever have those days where everything seems to go wrong? feeling like its a conspiracy against you? Trust me you aint the only one, pretty regular here i must admit.

Taking a break is the way forward … even if you are stressing over a deadline and feel you can’t manage. Getting away from it gives you a chance to get a bit more focused … taking a walk is a great first step.

Message a mate … cos we all have those days and to have a bit of a rant is good for the soul.

Its weird … so when randomly we get that good mood day … and something bad happens … we laugh it off … mutter FFS and a smile. So try and keep that in mind when things are going a bit wrong. try and remember that you dealt with this shit yesterday and it was fine.

And … well i didn’t break my Mum’s vase … there are things we sacrifice for art … but that aint one of them. And yes i did glue it back together again, it sits proudly next to my TV, as a reminder that most things can be fixed.

Building Confidence

Tough thing to do … i know but we have been getting advice from experts to work out how we can start to feel a bit more confident

Short film about posture

Building confidence – Posture

Love that track … So what do we do first ?

Stand up straight
Sounds sort of easy … and it is when you are in a fab mood. But when you’re feeling a bit down and things aren’t going great … it’s tricky. But it’s worth persevering cos it helps you feel instantly better … better breathing too.

Legs apart
Superhero stance. don’t go too gymnastics on this bit … be more superman less Clark Kent and i don’t mean take off your glasses.

Head up
Also good for breathing … it’s easy to stare at the floor somedays … try looking above people’s heads … some people call it looking at chimneys … not that there are any chimneys round are way but still.

Chest out
This is my favourite … cos everytime i remember to do it … i instantly feel more confident.
Combined with a big deep breath … works wonders.

Close your eyes
This is about being centred (stupid phrase i know) Taking a pause and remembering who you are and that you are great. think of all those things you are good at.

Take the world by storm
You can do it, save the video so you can remind yourself of the simple rules … so go kick some ass.

Our cameras were stolen

We have had a tough week, as you know we make positive mental health films to help and support young people who struggle; signposting other charities who can offer more help.

So far we have reached over 60,000 people, offering everyday help and advice to those who are struggling.

Our story

Last week we hit a roadblock,

Sadly … 2 of our production cameras, monitors, microphones and cases were stolen from us … We have worked so hard to get where we are, and it feels like it’s all been taken from us … We are heartbroken.

But we won’t give up

We want to get back to where we were before the theft happened. So we can continue to help people who are finding things tough and continue making engaging and supportive films, to reach those people who need our help.

So please help us

Help us to help thousands who struggle every day. Anything you can donate would be amazing. This is our gofundme page …. or donate here

It means so much to us here and we thank you for reading.

All the money raised will go to our charity

Every donation will help us rebuild what has been taken from us and will get us back filming, creating and supporting young people everywhere.

Please follow us on our social media @create4mh every like and follow helps us keep believing.


Getting back to nature is a great way to relax, listening to the sounds of wildlife as you recharge your batteries.

Not always that easy of course, so we thought we would film some scenes that might help you relax and feel a bit more calm.

Our friend the squirrel

Squirrels enjoying free peanuts

We have added some simple breathing exercises to go along with the videos, just click on the CC button to access them. Thought it best not to have them (as much as we can help it) on screen at all times incase you just wanted to enjoy the scene.

Find a comfortable place to sit, try and relax. Go at your own pace, there are no right and wrongs here. Just some pretty footage and relaxing sounds, with some helpful breathing tips to try.

Blossom tree in the spring,
4:4:4 breathing technique, breath in and count to 4, hold that breath for 4, breathe out while counting to 4

Blossom trees in the spring

Calming beach sounds,
4:4:4 breathing technique, breath in and count to 4, hold that breath for 2, breathe out while counting to 4

Spring tide

The sea crashing onto a break water
4:4:4 breathing technique, breath in and count to 4, hold that breath for 2, breathe out while counting to 4

Exam Stress

Exams are just horrendous … nothing new there. But it’s important to remember that no matter what happens it will be ok. you can still achieve amazing things no matter what grade you get.

Looked through so many websites about this … here is a condensed version of the advice given

Exam stress

Self care
Look after yourself, take time to do things that make you happy. We all suck at self care but it’s important to try and give yourself regular breaks to enjoy yourself unwind and get a bit of perspective

Don’t be a hero.
Talk to friends or family, or both. about how you are coping. If you are stressing about exams and assessments then your friends will be too. Talk things out with a friend or someone if your family will really help.

Take a walk
Sounds weird i know but fresh air and exercise is great to help you de stress. a quick walk in the park every day will work wonders. stick your headphones in and go for a wander … music, fresh air and exercise.

Try to eat some nutritious food. its so hard when your stressing out cos all we really want are crips. But its important to get some vitamins which will make you feel loads better. Oh … drink water … another thing we all suck at but it is great stuff.

4 in 6 out is a good option for deep relaxing breathing. Slowly count to 4 while breathing in, pause and let your breath out while counting to 6. Sounds weird but actually helps. Taking a pause and get yourself centered. We have put together some ASMR content here that might be helpful.

Be proud
Be proud of what you have done today, no matter how much revising you did today, it all counts.

Get help
if its all getting a bit much then get help, there are loads of great services around that can help you when you are struggling click here All these links are free and confidential, find one that best suits you … message, email or chat. the choice is yours

And finally
You are more important than any exam. No matter what teachers tell you ….

Further resources about stress.
Young minds
University College London
Student Minds
Campaign against living miserably

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day can be difficult for many of us, especially for those who don’t have mum there anymore. losing a loved one is never gonna be easy but certain times of the year seem much harder than others.

This Mothers day … I have decided to celebrate, even though my mum passed a few years ago now. Its my day to remember her, my day to eat cake, bit of a self care day. Might buy myself a Bounty Bar … she loved them … i think they are gross.

I hope people around get it … understand that it’s a difficult day. Most people I know have never lost anyone that close … so it can be hard for them too.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed that’s normal … i’m sure there will be tears from me at some point. but that’s ok. I guess i’m used to it now.

If you need some great tips and advice from those warriors at the NHS here click here
or pop over to out get help page to find someone to talk too.

Energy Anxiety

I know things are a bit shit these days, but this isn’t one of those facts and figures kind of stories. This is about simple things we can all try to feel a bit less worried about what’s going on. Saving energy and helping the planet in a small way.

Most of this sounds obvious … yet some (most) of us don’t do it. Simple things make a difference.

Getting in the habit of turning things off not only saves a bit of money … but makes us feel like we are doing something positive. And let’s face it … none of us want to give energy companies any more cash than we absolutely have too.


Switch off lights you aren’t using

Lights … sounds simple enough. It’s a mind set thing … get into the habit of turning them off. LED bulbs are cheap these days too … try Wilko … enough said.

Click for video


Shutting down laptop saves energy and its better for the computer

Laptop … we all do this … shut it down rather than closing the lid. Way better for the laptop, and energy usage. Laptops do run better when they are cool.

Click for video


20°C washes are perfect for everyday washing

Wash cooler or eco … washing powders are amazing these days … cheap or expensive ones … they all work well on colder washes. Lets face it we tend to wear something once then wash it.

Click for video

Quick shower

Quick shower … nuff said.

Shower … try a quick shower … something that helps is music on a phone, easy to know how long your shower is. Try turning the temp down … even if it’s a tiny change, like half a turn on the temp gauge, so  you hardly notice it .. all helps.

Click for video


Try not to use the remote when turning things off.

Stand by … simple really … turn the tv off … rather than leaving it on standby. if it’s easier turn it off at the wall, Rather than using the remote. Will prolong life of your tv too.

Click for video

Drying Clothes

Drying clothes when it’s cold does work … mad i know.

Dry clothes outside … even when its cold. This sounds a bit far-fetched … but it really works. It’s to do with the triple point of water … water at 0 degrees is a solid liquid and gas … I get a bit lost at all this but it does work. If you are lucky enough to have the capacity to dry outside … what’s stopping you?   Helps prevent moisture building up, causing damp and other horrid things.

Click for video

A few other things you can try …

Microwave food.

Gordon Ramsay makes out that microwaves suck … but they are great … well they are very energy efficient. If you can cook it in a microwave … (of course check the instructions first) Do it …  even if you start it in the microwave and finish in the oven, it’s still better.
Can also try cooking for a few days … spag boll is great the following day … tastes better somehow … not the Spaghetti though … cook that when you want it

Hot water

Coffee … I love coffee … drink far to much of course, so have been boiling the kettle, and filling a thermos … cos apparently you are not suppose to use boiling water in coffee anyway. Every time I need a coffee … I use the hot water in the flask. sounds like a pain … but its weirdly easy to do. Every time you use hot water you will be amazed at how hot it still is.


Buying new stuff … if you are lucky enough to be buying a new tv/washing machine or whatever … make sure its energy efficient. The A to G stickers. You will be amazed how many things even now days are very bad with energy consumption


Block them … with whatever you can find around the place. Old towels are good … if you are like me and rent … stopping drafts permanently can be difficult. Short term fix work well … then if you are feeling brave ask your landlord (odd phrase) to insulate.

But this is important … if you are cold. Put the heating on. If you can turn radiators off in rooms you don’t use then that’s great. But don’t just turn everything off … cos its cold some-days … and there is nothing more miserable than being stuck in a cold flat or house. Worried about what’s happening.

Starting is the one

Once you get into the habit of turning off lights, or washing at 20°C it’s amazing how easy it becomes … getting into saving energy not just to save cash … but it does make a difference for the planet.

Christmas can be a lonely time

No great surprise … but its the small things that really help, especially now. A text goes a long way …

“So proud of you mate … you are gonna smash 2023 … Let’s catch up soon ok”

Ok maybe a bit much but something positive to remind people they are doing amazing things. cos we all forget what we have done … Always focus on the things we haven’t done yet … Like this article i should have written last week,

So check in with a mate … you cant message everyone of course … but is there a mate that has been quiet on socials? not been in the pub lately? ping them a message. Knowing that someone is looking out for you makes all the difference, especially when you’re feeling a bit shit.

ever had this ? … being surrounded by happy successful friends/family … talking about how amazing their lives are? … anyone else get that?

The endless of posts bragging about best Christmas ever, pictures of a food mountain and presents galore … so yeah … its a bit of a shit show sometimes. Help each other out ok … and eat loads of mince pies

Happy Christmas everyone.

Listen and share great songs

Music is a powerful thing especially when you are having those tough days. Sharing your fav tracks that make you feel better and a bit more positive is a great way to support one another.

So thats what this is … only just started this but get the feeling it will be a long process … so many great songs to choose. They are in no order at all. … we ain’t that organised. More to be added soon … ya know … once we have agued whats best.

Starting is the hardest part

It can be tough starting something new, something thats been bugging you for ages but you cant seem to muster the energy to change it. Whether it’s tidying up, replying to that email or even getting help when you need it.

Staring is the hardest part

I know how easy it is to say … i’ll do that tomorrow. With every intention to do it tomorrow. but then tomorrow comes and there is something else that gets in the way. but trust me … when you say … fxxk it, lets do that today. The sense of anticipation and excitement is amazing.

messy garden
The task in had

The task

In my case it was the tiny space outside the flat. Ive been looking at it for weeks on end, thinking too myself i really need to do that. Days turn into weeks and it gets a little more messy and a little more overwhelming each day. I kept making excuses to why i cant do it today. The weather helped loads i must admit … beautiful sunny day … I might even get a bit of a tan while i’m working.

Think i should i point out that i am no handy man/DIY guy … as you can probably tell. Birthday present drill, borrowed sander and 7 quids worth of wood preservative. But My thinking was … well it cant look any worse right? … So anything i do today will be an improvement.



Staring was so rewarding … once i had done a bit of sweeping and filled a bin bag with garden rubbish i felt so proud of myself. It took ages to do but each step looked better and better. I did have a slight “maybe this a bad idea” moment when i saw how red the wood presevative was … but again i thought, well it will look better than it does right now.

Bright red paint
red paint

I could have stop anytime … still looked better than it had done. But I wanted to carry on and finish what a few days ago seemed a huge task. The more i did the better i felt, proud of myself that id taken the first step.


Tidy garden
well worth the effort

Of course there is always more i can do, more sweeping more sanding, more pruning … plants with thorns? I mean why do they exist in a garden? lol. The fact i started gives me encouragement to know i can do more.

So my simple advice is to try … try tackling that job thats been on your mind, that thing that you didn’t do yesterday. The first step is the biggest one … they get smaller and easier to climb the more steps you take.