Mothers’ Day

For most people mother’s day is a last minute dash to get flowers before sunday lunch with mum. For people like me it’s a day that is filled with sadness and loss … mix in a splash of anger and that’s pretty much my day.

I hope you are the first one, If so give your mum a big hug from me … and take her out for lunch somewhere nice.

If you are the later … i am deeply sorry for your loss … It’s tough … really tough. Especially the endless adverts … stupid moonpig advert.

Short film about mothers’ day … hope you enjoy it. Apologies if adverts appear … that’s nothing to do with us, thats a youtube thing

Mothers’ Day

I hope you will join me in celebrating … celebrate the good times, the time you had together, Catch up with family and friends …. tell stories … things that you miss.

I know it’s tough, but i hope you have the day your mum would want you to have.

And it goes without saying there is help available … no matter how long its been
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