We all need a little me time

Self care sounds like a given, but we all seem to be too busy to actually do it. so we are encouraging everyone to take a few hours out of their busy lives to look after yourself.

here are a few things we can all do that are either free … or at least really cheap. Try a herbal tea and a mud mask. Phone off, music on curl up on your sofa and take some time for yourself.
If you have any tips for us … we would love to hear from you.

Self-care first aid

For this years world mental health day, we decided to give away a self care first aid kit. Full of goodies to encourage self care. To enter have a look at our socials @create4mh

We must thank everyone who helped us out with this, Clarins, Superdrug and of course Banquet Records, who have been supporting us since we started.
Turn your phone off, make yourself a herbal tea and press play on your favourite album.
If you have any tips for self care please let us lmow, we would love to feature some of them on our stories page