Poetry and Film

Been a weird few months for us …. lots of ups and downs. A big up so to speak has been working with an amazing local poet Jo Lambert. A big supporter of ours and a mental health campaigner.

To put picture to the poems she writes has been an amazing collaboration for us … Using her lived experience to create powerful stories that we hope will help those who really need it. Gotta be honest … never thought we would be filming poetry but it works really well … who knew?

Big thanks to the Rose Theatre here in kingston for giving us time and space to record the vocal parts … and Sontronics of course, we use there STC-2 condenser mic to record the lovley vocals.

Currently working on our christmas film with Jo, who is busy writing a poem about loneliness and how we can all have a less shit chirstmas if we reach out to one another. My words not hers of course

More to come from us so watch this space

This and Every Day by Jo Lambert

My name is Jo and I became a mental health ambassador as a result of lived experience of suicidal crisis.

I am particularly interested in “masking” mental health struggle.  Masking can happen when people feel they need to hide their authentic self and how they really feel, in other words, they are putting on a mask, playing a part that in no way reflects how they real feel.

A mental health survivor told me recently that masking can feel like “screaming in a sleeping bag” and that the resulting exhaustion can in itself be overwhelming.

I wrote the poem This and Every Day for a conference on World Suicide Prevention Day.  I wanted to honour the experience of people living with life threatening mental illnesses as well as those who have been lost to suicide. 

I am passionate about multimedia poetry but don’t have the skills to produce it. But @create4mh do so we collaborated as volunteers to make a short film with the poem as a voiceover. 

This and every day

This and Every Day contains themes of suicide so viewer discretion is advised.  If you need support in response to this short film, or at any other time please visit

If you are in SW London this is a great resource if you need extra help Link