Those days

We all have those days … trying hard but getting nowhere…
I have that all the time, but i try and remind myself of the things i have done today. No matter how big or small

Those days film

Remembering the stessy email i had to send, made the bed and did last nights washing up.
Little things that are easily forgotten … but they all take energy and they are all important. Getting up can be a nightmare … especially if last nights washing up is there waiting for you. Taking a shower when you can’t really be arsed. cos it’s not like i’m gonna leave the house today right, but i still do it. instantly feel better … Think it’s a me thing … i do like a good hot shower.

Not really done those affirmation lists … but what i do is remind myself every evening what i’ve achieved today … feeling proud that i did achieve something, even it’s just the hoovering.

I do tell myself most nights tomorrow will be better, i will achieve more which is more about building on what i did today rather than a pressure thing. I did well today, i will do well tomorrow.

Confidence part 3

Building confidence is always tough, but there are a few things that can help. feel like a little boost? why not have a pampering day, treat yourself to a few beauty products. We have found some great value products that actually work and are affordable.

Must stress this is not sponsored or anything, just stuff we have tried that feels good to use. Release some endorphins and take a shopping trip. Most products here are around a quid. The more expensive ones last for months so it sort of works out really.

Points Card

I’m kinda new to points cards … but gotta be honest it’s a bit of a no brainer … Instant savings and points for free.

Face Scrub

Must be honest … have bought way more expensive face scrubs in my time … and some cheap ones that don’t seem to do much. But if you want a scrub that feels like it really is exfoliating then this is the one. Click here for details

Tinted moisturiser

The tricky one … so its about 5 quid … mad i know … dont know if Primark do a cheaper one … got a bit intimidated when i went to look. But this does work wonders, i would suggest use it for special occasions … nights out, parties that kinda thing. Bought my one (yup i use it) about 3 months ago … and it still going strong. This is defo for all sexes … covers up all those things that can make me nervous and feel a bit shit about myself. Shop around for the best offer on this …. prices seem to change daily

Face Mask

Tried it … felt great … cost a quid … can get 3 uses out of a packet. not sure what else to say. Great to use when you want a boost … also makes you stop for 10 mins and relax. enjoy a feet up moment with the mask on. Link here


Lidl and Aldi come great on this … both make aussie style shampoo and conditioner … feels exactly like the ‘real’ version but a fraction of the price. If you are into aussie hair care … this is an absolute win. Worth trying their other products too. Link here

Multi vitamin

Again both Aldi and Lidl make this a cheap but effective win, the Lidl on is a bit more sharp but they come in a bunch of flavours and do mostly the same thing i think. Turns your pee a weird colour so it must be working. Link here

Face wipes

Love a good face wipe … before bed and befor moisturising … after work when you feel tired. or just cos you want a clean fresh face. it’s all good with this … loads of amazing reviews on this one in particular. Link here

Mint and Tea Tree

I hate mornings … this does have that wake me up thing going on. Tingly and refreshing. and the price is hard to beat … even when the ‘real’ one is on offer, if you know what i mean. Aldi and Lidl make one and i honestly could not tell the difference.

Hand cream

Im sure im not alone when i say i forget about my hands most days … that sounds so weird but you know what i mean. To buy a product thats cheap smells nice and sits on my shelf reminding me to use it is great. Link here


This stuff is awesome … well both Aldi and Lidl versions are to be honest. I use it every day … lasts ages … looks posh, feels good and the price is amazing. Link here