Those days

We all have those days … trying hard but getting nowhere…
I have that all the time, but i try and remind myself of the things i have done today. No matter how big or small

Those days film

Remembering the stessy email i had to send, made the bed and did last nights washing up.
Little things that are easily forgotten … but they all take energy and they are all important. Getting up can be a nightmare … especially if last nights washing up is there waiting for you. Taking a shower when you can’t really be arsed. cos it’s not like i’m gonna leave the house today right, but i still do it. instantly feel better … Think it’s a me thing … i do like a good hot shower.

Not really done those affirmation lists … but what i do is remind myself every evening what i’ve achieved today … feeling proud that i did achieve something, even it’s just the hoovering.

I do tell myself most nights tomorrow will be better, i will achieve more which is more about building on what i did today rather than a pressure thing. I did well today, i will do well tomorrow.

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