Youtube Ads – not us

So … we have been noticing youtube adverts appearing at the start of some of our vids.

It’s nothing to do with us … we want people to see the supportive films first rather than an advert.

Youtube ads have nothing to do with us

Youtube started putting ads on content some time last year … we have no control over what is advertised … and we don’t even get any cash.

Looking into options but its something we will have to live with for a bit which is a pain.

We love having followers and likes of course and youtube is essential for us to get messages out to people who struggle, so do please keep watching.

Saw this and thought of you

It can be tricky sometime reaching out to a mate. Especially if you haven’t spoken to them in a while … it can get a bit awkward i know. Checking friends and family are ok … and vise versa of course is a big part of sharing how you feel

So … we thought this might help … we had a good look through a free online image gallery (they kick ass) and chose a few images that should help start a conversation.

Hence … ‘Saw this and thought of you’
Funny, inspiring, silly and cute images that we hope gives someone a smile … set up as 800×600 so it doesn’t kill your data … or theres come to think of it.

Free to download here … or if you want something different … check out unsplash. Sorry in advance as they have millions of beautiful images so you might be there a while.