Christmas can be a lonely time

No great surprise … but its the small things that really help, especially now. A text goes a long way …

“So proud of you mate … you are gonna smash 2023 … Let’s catch up soon ok”

Ok maybe a bit much but something positive to remind people they are doing amazing things. cos we all forget what we have done … Always focus on the things we haven’t done yet … Like this article i should have written last week,

So check in with a mate … you cant message everyone of course … but is there a mate that has been quiet on socials? not been in the pub lately? ping them a message. Knowing that someone is looking out for you makes all the difference, especially when you’re feeling a bit shit.

ever had this ? … being surrounded by happy successful friends/family … talking about how amazing their lives are? … anyone else get that?

The endless of posts bragging about best Christmas ever, pictures of a food mountain and presents galore … so yeah … its a bit of a shit show sometimes. Help each other out ok … and eat loads of mince pies

Happy Christmas everyone.