Poetry and Film

Been a weird few months for us …. lots of ups and downs. A big up so to speak has been working with an amazing local poet Jo Lambert. A big supporter of ours and a mental health campaigner.

To put picture to the poems she writes has been an amazing collaboration for us … Using her lived experience to create powerful stories that we hope will help those who really need it. Gotta be honest … never thought we would be filming poetry but it works really well … who knew?

Big thanks to the Rose Theatre here in kingston for giving us time and space to record the vocal parts … and Sontronics of course, we use there STC-2 condenser mic to record the lovley vocals.

Currently working on our christmas film with Jo, who is busy writing a poem about loneliness and how we can all have a less shit chirstmas if we reach out to one another. My words not hers of course

More to come from us so watch this space

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