Starting is the hardest part

It can be tough starting something new, something thats been bugging you for ages but you cant seem to muster the energy to change it. Whether it’s tidying up, replying to that email or even getting help when you need it.

Staring is the hardest part

I know how easy it is to say … i’ll do that tomorrow. With every intention to do it tomorrow. but then tomorrow comes and there is something else that gets in the way. but trust me … when you say … fxxk it, lets do that today. The sense of anticipation and excitement is amazing.

messy garden
The task in had

The task

In my case it was the tiny space outside the flat. Ive been looking at it for weeks on end, thinking too myself i really need to do that. Days turn into weeks and it gets a little more messy and a little more overwhelming each day. I kept making excuses to why i cant do it today. The weather helped loads i must admit … beautiful sunny day … I might even get a bit of a tan while i’m working.

Think i should i point out that i am no handy man/DIY guy … as you can probably tell. Birthday present drill, borrowed sander and 7 quids worth of wood preservative. But My thinking was … well it cant look any worse right? … So anything i do today will be an improvement.



Staring was so rewarding … once i had done a bit of sweeping and filled a bin bag with garden rubbish i felt so proud of myself. It took ages to do but each step looked better and better. I did have a slight “maybe this a bad idea” moment when i saw how red the wood presevative was … but again i thought, well it will look better than it does right now.

Bright red paint
red paint

I could have stop anytime … still looked better than it had done. But I wanted to carry on and finish what a few days ago seemed a huge task. The more i did the better i felt, proud of myself that id taken the first step.


Tidy garden
well worth the effort

Of course there is always more i can do, more sweeping more sanding, more pruning … plants with thorns? I mean why do they exist in a garden? lol. The fact i started gives me encouragement to know i can do more.

So my simple advice is to try … try tackling that job thats been on your mind, that thing that you didn’t do yesterday. The first step is the biggest one … they get smaller and easier to climb the more steps you take.

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