Creating our #energyanxiety films

Good ideas sometimes take way longer than first thought, this is very true for our latest set of films.

We wanted to create non scary films that support people with energy consumption worries. Something that was good advice … but delivered in a kind fun way.

So that’s what we did. Set in a CGI environment created in Blender. Link to Download
We love blender btw … if you want free 3d modeling animation software thats free use blender … I mentioned free twice cos i still cant believe its free.

Anyway … our inspiration was of course Ikea … so we set about creating a furniture shop … well sections of a furniture shop anyway. Something we are all familiar with and something that is relatable.

It turned out to be a huge project … and very time consuming.

Behind the scenes … well not really but it’s kinda fun

Using stop motion animation to create the films as our hardware could’nt cope with ex[orting 30 seconds of full animation, Each frame to export to around 15 minutes … with 24 frames in a second you start to get why it took us so long to make 6 x 30 second films.

Having said all that … delighted with the outcome … and we have plans to make these type of films again … with a twist … watch this space

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