Energy Anxiety

I know things are a bit shit these days, but this isn’t one of those facts and figures kind of stories. This is about simple things we can all try to feel a bit less worried about what’s going on. Saving energy and helping the planet in a small way.

Most of this sounds obvious … yet some (most) of us don’t do it. Simple things make a difference.

Getting in the habit of turning things off not only saves a bit of money … but makes us feel like we are doing something positive. And let’s face it … none of us want to give energy companies any more cash than we absolutely have too.


Switch off lights you aren’t using

Lights … sounds simple enough. It’s a mind set thing … get into the habit of turning them off. LED bulbs are cheap these days too … try Wilko … enough said.

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Shutting down laptop saves energy and its better for the computer

Laptop … we all do this … shut it down rather than closing the lid. Way better for the laptop, and energy usage. Laptops do run better when they are cool.

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20°C washes are perfect for everyday washing

Wash cooler or eco … washing powders are amazing these days … cheap or expensive ones … they all work well on colder washes. Lets face it we tend to wear something once then wash it.

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Quick shower

Quick shower … nuff said.

Shower … try a quick shower … something that helps is music on a phone, easy to know how long your shower is. Try turning the temp down … even if it’s a tiny change, like half a turn on the temp gauge, so  you hardly notice it .. all helps.

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Try not to use the remote when turning things off.

Stand by … simple really … turn the tv off … rather than leaving it on standby. if it’s easier turn it off at the wall, Rather than using the remote. Will prolong life of your tv too.

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Drying Clothes

Drying clothes when it’s cold does work … mad i know.

Dry clothes outside … even when its cold. This sounds a bit far-fetched … but it really works. It’s to do with the triple point of water … water at 0 degrees is a solid liquid and gas … I get a bit lost at all this but it does work. If you are lucky enough to have the capacity to dry outside … what’s stopping you?   Helps prevent moisture building up, causing damp and other horrid things.

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A few other things you can try …

Microwave food.

Gordon Ramsay makes out that microwaves suck … but they are great … well they are very energy efficient. If you can cook it in a microwave … (of course check the instructions first) Do it …  even if you start it in the microwave and finish in the oven, it’s still better.
Can also try cooking for a few days … spag boll is great the following day … tastes better somehow … not the Spaghetti though … cook that when you want it

Hot water

Coffee … I love coffee … drink far to much of course, so have been boiling the kettle, and filling a thermos … cos apparently you are not suppose to use boiling water in coffee anyway. Every time I need a coffee … I use the hot water in the flask. sounds like a pain … but its weirdly easy to do. Every time you use hot water you will be amazed at how hot it still is.


Buying new stuff … if you are lucky enough to be buying a new tv/washing machine or whatever … make sure its energy efficient. The A to G stickers. You will be amazed how many things even now days are very bad with energy consumption


Block them … with whatever you can find around the place. Old towels are good … if you are like me and rent … stopping drafts permanently can be difficult. Short term fix work well … then if you are feeling brave ask your landlord (odd phrase) to insulate.

But this is important … if you are cold. Put the heating on. If you can turn radiators off in rooms you don’t use then that’s great. But don’t just turn everything off … cos its cold some-days … and there is nothing more miserable than being stuck in a cold flat or house. Worried about what’s happening.

Starting is the one

Once you get into the habit of turning off lights, or washing at 20°C it’s amazing how easy it becomes … getting into saving energy not just to save cash … but it does make a difference for the planet.

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