Mother’s Day

Mother’s day can be difficult for many of us, especially for those who don’t have mum there anymore. losing a loved one is never gonna be easy but certain times of the year seem much harder than others.

This Mothers day … I have decided to celebrate, even though my mum passed a few years ago now. Its my day to remember her, my day to eat cake, bit of a self care day. Might buy myself a Bounty Bar … she loved them … i think they are gross.

I hope people around get it … understand that it’s a difficult day. Most people I know have never lost anyone that close … so it can be hard for them too.

If you feel a bit overwhelmed that’s normal … i’m sure there will be tears from me at some point. but that’s ok. I guess i’m used to it now.

If you need some great tips and advice from those warriors at the NHS here click here
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