Exam Stress

Exams are just horrendous … nothing new there. But it’s important to remember that no matter what happens it will be ok. you can still achieve amazing things no matter what grade you get.

Looked through so many websites about this … here is a condensed version of the advice given

Exam stress

Self care
Look after yourself, take time to do things that make you happy. We all suck at self care but it’s important to try and give yourself regular breaks to enjoy yourself unwind and get a bit of perspective

Don’t be a hero.
Talk to friends or family, or both. about how you are coping. If you are stressing about exams and assessments then your friends will be too. Talk things out with a friend or someone if your family will really help.

Take a walk
Sounds weird i know but fresh air and exercise is great to help you de stress. a quick walk in the park every day will work wonders. stick your headphones in and go for a wander … music, fresh air and exercise.

Try to eat some nutritious food. its so hard when your stressing out cos all we really want are crips. But its important to get some vitamins which will make you feel loads better. Oh … drink water … another thing we all suck at but it is great stuff.

4 in 6 out is a good option for deep relaxing breathing. Slowly count to 4 while breathing in, pause and let your breath out while counting to 6. Sounds weird but actually helps. Taking a pause and get yourself centered. We have put together some ASMR content here that might be helpful.

Be proud
Be proud of what you have done today, no matter how much revising you did today, it all counts.

Get help
if its all getting a bit much then get help, there are loads of great services around that can help you when you are struggling click here All these links are free and confidential, find one that best suits you … message, email or chat. the choice is yours

And finally
You are more important than any exam. No matter what teachers tell you ….

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