Getting outdoors – By Alisha

When things are quite bad I tend to not want to be around anyone. The key thing that helps me is getting outdoors and out of my usual surroundings, whether it be a drive to somewhere like box hill or walking around a local park. It gives my mind a second to breathe; particularly when going to big open spaces- being by rivers/ the sea helps the most.

Another thing that personally help me when things aren’t too great is painting- you don’t have to be the next Van Gough or have anything in particular to paint- just sitting and messing around with paint on a canvas or paper is somewhat cathartic and can be a good way to take my mind off of things and channel the negative energy I feel into something else.

I’ve recently made more regular visits to the gym which also help greatly; i find myself focusing on what I’m doing as opposed to thoughts in my head which helps. On the days that I feel will descend into bad mental health days I make sure I speak to friends/ arrange to see them as I know this will help to prevent my mental state declining.

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