Creative Expression – by Josh

From my own experience I’ve found that for me being active, as challenging as it may be sometimes, is without a doubt the best way for me to clear my head when it’s cloudy. I’ve tried so many hobbies to help me with this, some I did okay with and others I failed at but I kept trying more and more things until eventually drumming landed its way into my life. I’m not saying drumming or music is the key, everyone has his or her own interests and activities they enjoy but for me this really was a game changer in my life.

When I have a hard day mentally or physically, an hour of drumming is like therapy for my mind and body. Yes it aches and I have blisters but I really do enjoy it, as I feel accomplished in myself. I’m not doing it to impress anyone or to make money, it’s there to just help me find myself and I think everyone needs to have an outlet like that in his or her life. It’s very important to express yourself freely and art is such a beautiful way to do that, creatively is something everyone has in them, it’s an expression of yourself make sure you find a way to let it out.

I honestly cannot express how grateful I am to have music to help me vent my negativity away; it’s saved me in the darkest points of my life. Art is everywhere; there is no limit to what is seen as creative. Express yourself, be active and create your own art for yourself.

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