Grounding Techniques – By Kevin Argent

Hello my name is Kevin… I suffer with a mental illness… please don’t be scared of me I’m not crazy I’m just a little off balance sometimes… if I go quiet don’t worry I’m not going to jump, If I’m manic then just laugh at my jokes.

My poor folks where so worried about me the other day and my mum was scared that I was going to go the way of Robin Williams because she said I was manic and up and down but I use my #groundingtechniques and I take a deep breath before I leave the house and try my hardest to go forward.

I promise I’ll never lash out or get physical I just take a step back and collect my thoughts – I sometimes take a day or so to reply or a few hours but please don’t take this as me being a rude it’s because I care about my response and i also have to slow down my brain and my eyes – this isn’t fun not one F**king bit and most of this is brought upon by my own doings.

But I’m also learning and I’m getting better – I promise… Positive mental health is the answer… But I also wouldn’t half mind a farm somewhere out there I think that’s be nice 😃
If you didn’t think I was mental already then you’ll definitely think it now.

Every day before I leave my room I ground using the 5 rules of and it works – well most of the time l, sometimes my brain is going too fast I feel like a child and not a 40 year old man (well ManBoi ha!)

5 things you can see, around you, it can be literally anything you can see.

4 things you can touch, feeling the ground beneath your feet is a good one to start with.

3 things you can hear, id love to say bird somg but more often than not its next doors washing machine

2 things you can smell, the shampoo you use, or the hand sanitiser you have.

1 thing you can taste, what taste is in your mouth right now?

There are no right answers to any of this of course and there are lots of different grounding techniques you can try. Found a few here that might help Click link

You can follow my journey on my instagram Kevin Argent

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