Don’t give up – by Justin

It can be tough sometimes to keep striving for your goals, even simply things can feel daunting. Don’t loose heart, looking at solutions rather than the problem is a great way to keep moving, even if sometime it feels like its going sidewise.

It can be frustrating when what we think will happen and what actually happens are different. This happened to us a few weeks ago.

We had the idea to film squirrels in Kington upon Thames, with a tiny shopping trolley we had. This is how we imagined it …

What we thought it would actually look like

And the reality of turning up with food in a beautiful church yard.

… And here is the reality

Who knew that pigeons bossed around squirrels and enjoyed eating peanuts? But we tried, failed, and tried again. Half a bag of peanuts later it finally happened. So excited that it had happened, and proud that we had stuck at it. would have been easy to give up but we didn’t.

Of course we know that feeding squirrels isn’t actually that important, But challenges we all face each day are. So keep trying, keep throwing your own peanuts around until you make a break through. It can take time and be frustrating but it’s well worth it in the end.

We finally got the cute video clip we were after

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  1. Nice analogy Justin .As you say stick in there and keep plugging away , as so easy to get dispondant. Situations of despair are always temperary. Nicely written, great understanding and well done for sticking with it!!

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