Lockdown Anniversary

4 years ago today
so mad it’s been so long … Now … i’m determined to not rant on about what a shit show it was … PPE and dodgy government deals, the parties, the losses and tragedies that have gone unanswered.

Lockdown Anniversary 2024

Rant over … Back during lockdown there was a sense of community, A sense we were all in the same boat and we should use zoom text or whatever to get through it.

And it’s that sense of community we have manage to lose … checking in on friends and neighbours. Sharing the struggles we all faced back then. None of that seems to happen anymore. Mental health and walking was a big thing back in 2020 … getting through it together was key. And now … it’s like it never happened, as if mental health was exclusive to lockdown. Maybe it’s just me … maybe i got left behind a bit … But i am sure there are people who feel the same … unable to share struggles cos people don’t seem to listen anymore.

What to do now …
Simple really … catch up. message mates set up a zoom call … old school style. Dunno about you but there are mates i’ve not seen in 4 years … cos circumstances changed for us all so much that its not been possible to catch up in person.
Pressure on us all right now is just as bad as it was then … if not worse. Cost of living/Brexit/Environment/Stress/Work opportunities etc … So keeping in touch with friends and family is really important. taking through problems and issues that we all face. Talking and sharing really does help … reminding us all we ain’t alone.

And the first message you can send is … I cant believe its been 4 years. pretty simple really.